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SmartPuppy Packages

Want the best start for your dog? We offer packages so you can get more for your dog at a lower cost. Get more socialization for your puppy and  additional videos to help you out! Check out our package options below.

Start your puppy off smart! Puppy classes and socialization for puppies 17 weeks and under.

If your dog will be 17 weeks or over as of the start date of your class, please see our SmartDogs section for adolescent pups.

Premium Package

Get the best for your puppy!

Includes everything in our Fundamentals Package below and adds on our second level SmartDog Intermediate class AND access to several additional videos to help you jump-start your puppy training at home today!

Fundamentals Package

Smart start your puppy!

SmartPuppy Basic class (7 sessions)
3 x additional Socialization classes
and 3 x Essential Manners classes that you will choose the dates to sign up for and attend).

Start Smart Sessions with Two-way video-conferencing

If you are adding a new dog to your home, this session talks about how to get your puppy to want to do all the things you want such as polite behaviour around people, food and doors, and also manage their bite inhibition. We will work on basic tricks such as sit, down and stand. We know it will be a lot of fun and you learn a thing our two about how to train smart puppies.

Sign up for one session or purchase 3 sessions at a discount as the Start Smart Premium package.

SmartPuppy Basic 6 week course   Two-way video-conferencing

Basic obedience, and problem behaviours prevention such as puppy biting and chewing, jumping up, barking, and pulling on the leash. Basic obedience includes: sitting and lying down on cue; coming back when called; learning to settle on a mat, dog bed, or in a crate; learning to walk nicely on a leash; learning to stay on cue.

We also cover basic handling such as teaching your puppy to cooperate with nail trims and other forms of care. Curriculum developed by certified behaviour consultant  and certified professional dog trainers.  Prevent problems before they start with SmartDog Training.

SmartPuppy Socialization (Basic Class Add-On) NOT OFFERED AT THIS TIME

For puppies 17 weeks and under only. More guided socialization (play time!) for your puppy! Also includes socialization with people. Recommended for all young puppies, and especially for those who are quieter or shyer.

Sign up for one socialization session, or purchase 3 sessions at a discount as part of a training package.

Essential Manners (Basic Class Add-On) Two-way video-conferencing

This class runs alongside SmartDog Basic and gives you additional skills and tools. Do you have an impulsive, busy dog? This class is for you!

Essential Manners includes things like: polite behaviour around human food; not grabbing things out of your hands; not pulling you around on a leash; and not bothering you while you’re doing things like cooking, eating, or watching TV. We explore toys and play as a form of reinforcement instead of food, and we give you brain games to help tire out your dog.

Sign up for 3 Essential Manners classes to get the full manners curriculum. Can be purchased individually, or at a discount as part of a training package.

Want to see some of what your puppy will learn?

Puppy Fundamentals graduate Tango shows off some of his skills. Our classes also cover leash walking, greeting people politely, socialization, and dealing with common behavioural issues such as barking and biting.

Thank you to Tango’s people for allowing us to share his video!

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