SmartDog Training Overview

Smart Dog Training provides training and behaviour consulting services to puppies and older dogs in Greater Victoria. We have locations in downtown Victoria and North Saanich, and trainers working into the Western communities.

Most puppies benefit immensely from classes with other puppies and we highly recommend this as a first step. Socialization is critical, especially before 17 weeks so it’s important to get your pup started as soon as possible.

Family dogs benefit from classes if they are comfortable in unfamiliar environments and with other dogs, and need basic training. Other dogs are better suited to private training if they have behaviour issues including fear, anxiety or hyperactive behaviours. Dogs with no behaviour issues can also benefit from private training if you have specific goals, scheduling challenges or want to get more personalized hands-on coaching.

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The fact is most dogs (and their people) would be best suited for both. The classes are great way to get a lot of information in an hour and work with a bit of distraction. Private training can focus on any issue you are having; adjust the plan to meet your specific needs; and grow your physical skills quickly. We have a great package that gives you the best of both worlds; you get incredible support and inspiration in the classes as well as individual coaching when you need just that little bit extra to take you to the next level of awesome.

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