Reactive Dog Classes

Class Descriptions

Growly/Not-so-growly Dog

Cost: $299 (Taxes In) | 6 weeks
This six-week course is for dogs who have aggression issues with other dogs and is limited to 4-5 dogs at a time. One private session is required before the class to assess your dogs suitability and give you homework to prepare for the class.

Consultations regarding aggression are $118 for a 60 minute session at our facility. If growly dog class is not appropriate or desired, package sessions are available for private training.

Please note: Class will be held in an unheated building.

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Resource Guarders (a one night workshop)

Cost: $47.25 (Taxes In)| one hour  (For Smart Dog Students only)

This one night course will give participants an opportunity to learn more about resource guarding and begin basic exercises to remediate the problem. Private sessions are recommended but this course is an economical way to set and rehearse reasonable training sessions. Management of a resource guarder will also be discussed. Minimum 6 dogs.

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Please note that in addition to these options we strongly recommend one or more private sessions for any issues with aggression, reactivity or resource guarding. Learn more about our private sessions here.