Reactive Dog Classes

Class Descriptions

Growly/Not-so-growly Dog

Cost: $299 (Tax­es In) | 6 weeks
This six-week course is for dogs who have aggres­sion issues with oth­er dogs and is lim­it­ed to 4–5 dogs at a time. One pri­vate ses­sion is required before the class to assess your dogs suit­abil­i­ty and give you home­work to pre­pare for the class.

Con­sul­ta­tions regard­ing aggres­sion are $118 for a 60 minute ses­sion at our facil­i­ty. If grow­ly dog class is not appro­pri­ate or desired, pack­age ses­sions are avail­able for pri­vate train­ing.

Please note: Class will be held in an unheat­ed build­ing.

Resource Guarders (a one night workshop)

Cost: $47.25 (Tax­es In)| one hour  (For Smart Dog Stu­dents only)

This one night course will give par­tic­i­pants an oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn more about resource guard­ing and begin basic exer­cis­es to reme­di­ate the prob­lem. Pri­vate ses­sions are rec­om­mend­ed but this course is an eco­nom­i­cal way to set and rehearse rea­son­able train­ing ses­sions. Man­age­ment of a resource guarder will also be dis­cussed. Min­i­mum 6 dogs.


Please note that in addi­tion to these options we strong­ly rec­om­mend one or more pri­vate ses­sions for any issues with aggres­sion, reac­tiv­i­ty or resource guard­ing. Learn more about our pri­vate ses­sions here.