Problem behaviour modification

Problem Behaviour Modification is available to all SmartDog Puppies currently enrolled in classes and under the age of 5 months. In some cases older class dogs may be taken on as time permits. We have limited availability and are choosing to prioritize young puppies as the sooner we address problem behaviour the more likely we are to remediate the issue.

We can help you work with undesired behaviours such as aggression, reactivity, separation anxiety, over-excitement, barking, and house training. Private behaviour training involves assessing what function the behavior serves and what triggers it. Owners will receive a plan of action to increase desired behaviors and decrease the problem behaviours. The plan will also involve some management strategies.

Changing unwanted behaviour takes time and often requires multiple sessions.

Behavioural Consultations

Due to high demand we may not be able to meet your request for help. Please allow us 24-48 hours to respond. 

Consultations regarding aggression or anxiety start at $175 for the first visit. Please note that behavioural issues are complex, and we recommend three visits or more. If a trainer is travelling there will be additional charges.

Growly Dog Classes

For dog-reactive dogs that have had at minimum one private training session on Problem Behaviour Modification and who have been recommended into a group class.

Growly/Not-so-growly Dog

Cost: $498.75 (Taxes In) | 6 weeks
This 12 -week course is for dogs who have aggression or reactivity with other dogs and is limited to 4–5 dogs at a time.  It includes 6  in-person classes as well as a Facebook group where homework can be posted.. One private session is required before the class to assess your dogs suitability and give you homework to prepare for the class.

Consultations regarding aggression are $175 for a 60 minute session at our facility. If growly dog class is not appropriate or desired, package sessions are available for private training.

Please note: Class will be held in an unheated building.