Private Training – online/limited in-person


Want to train your dog but don’t have a schedule that allows for classes?

Private training is a perfect choice for those who want focused attention on a few particular training goals or who would like some additional one-on-one assistance from a skilled trainer. It’s also great for busy folks whose schedules don’t line up with our regular classes, and for those people whose dogs may have difficulty in a classroom setting.
Focused private training is intended to work on things like coming back when called, walking nicely on a leash, crate or mat training, and things like helping a puppy or new dog settle into their household. It can cover basic puppy issues such as house-training (please note dogs over 5 months of age with house training issues is most likely a problem behavior – see below) and puppy biting, and also all-ages issues such as jumping up.
If the behaviour you want to address in your dog may be related to upset or fear or stress – including but not limited to separation anxiety, issues with noises or certain environments, and growling, snapping or barking at people or other dogs – please go to our Problem Behaviour Modification page for information on working with those issues.


Basic Obedience Training

Sherry Antonishen, Certified Behaviour Consultant, Canine

Effective October 2, due to demand, Sherry is unable to accept any new private clients.

Sherry Antonishen

In Home

Cost: $140 up | first session with limited travel*

(all prices include GST)

*Please note, if  travel is more than 20 minutes  the travel fee will be increased depending where you are, please enquire for further details.

Two-way Video-conferencing

Cost: $110 |  Session (one hour)
(all prices include GST)

1/2 hour rates and short affordable Skype follow-ups for most situations.