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Class Descriptions

I Love My Crate / Happy Alone Time (a one night workshop)

Cost: $38.85 (Tax­es In) | one hour

For any Smart­dog stu­dent past or present. Come learn the valu­able skills to help your dog LOVE their crate, and assess the chal­lenges of leav­ing your dog alone. IF your dog is cur­rently not crate trained, this work­shop will give you the start­ing foun­da­tions to get your dog in a crate and enjoy­ing crate exer­cises. If your dog is already some­what com­fort­able in their crate, this work­shop will take it to the next lev­el in terms of real­ly build­ing a love affair with the crate. A crate trained dog is a dog that real­ly is hap­py in their crate and allows a lot of ver­sa­til­ity and free­dom for the own­ers when trav­el­ing, leav­ing the dog alone, or for dog class­es such as agili­ty!


*NEW Fall 2019*

Rally Obedience Class

Cost: $160.00 (Tax­es In) | 6 weeks

Learn to play Ral­ly with your dog!  In Ral­ly, you and your dog move around a course, and per­form skills at each sta­tion along the way. It’s like agili­ty, but at a walk. It’s like obe­di­ence, but with the fun chal­lenge of remem­ber­ing and trav­el­ling around a course.  Like all class­es at Smart­Dog, we’ll teach you to be a pos­i­tive rein­force­ment train­er with the skills to get behav­iours like sit, down, stand and heel and then reward them so well that your dog loves to do them.

Pre­req­ui­sites: Urban Dog or equiv­a­lent train­ing. Please con­tact our office before sign­ing up if  you are com­ing from anoth­er obe­di­ence pro­gram. A pri­vate train­ing ses­sion may be required.


Dog Stars Tricks Class

Cost: $241.50 (Tax­es In) | 6 weeks

Want to teach your dog a new trick? How about act in our upcom­ing film? Sher­ry worked in film and tele­vi­sion many years ago and was being groomed as a fea­ture film direc­tor before her life went to the dogs. Check out our dog actors from the Dogs Stars class of spring 2013!

** If you are inter­est­ed in a class that doesn’t have a cur­rent sched­uled start date show­ing, please con­tact our office for ten­ta­tive dates or to be put on a wait­ing list.