Class Descriptions

Sport Foundations

Cost: $336| 6 weeks – PLEASE NOTE: This course is full. We might be doing intake later in the year.
This 6 week’s course prepares your puppy for the incredible world of dog sports.  There is no agility equipment for this class as it focuses on reward procedures, playing with your dog, and using crates and other easy equipment to teach foundation exercises used by agility competitors worldwide.
This class is also a great starter class for disc classes, rally obedience and any other sport you and your dog will want to try.
Join Certified Behaviour Consultant and agility competitor Sherry Antonishen and Certified Updog Judge and Disc competitor Erin Lucier for 6 weeks of foundations that could last a lifetime.

Prerequisites:  Sport foundations class is a prerequisite for agility fundamentals. 

Agility FUNdamentals

Cost: $260 | 6 weeks PLEASE NOTE: This course is full. We might be doing intake later in the year.
You and your SmartDog will love this opportunity to have some fun and get some exercise too! Agility FUNdamentals is a pre-agility course where you will learn the basics for agility. This is a fun and exciting activity for you and your Dog! SmartDog has the latest equipment and wants you and your dog to have a safe and fun time.

Prerequisites:  At this time our agility program is full. You can contact our office to be put on a waitlist. Sport foundation class is a prerequisite for agility fundamentals. 

Agility Starters and Intermediate

Cost: $238 | 6 weeks
For dogs that have completed FUNdamentals we have higher levels of learning! Exercises your dog’s brain and muscles and entertains all who come out! Watch you and your dog gather skills, increase focus and gain confidence through this fun sport. And be impressed with yourself as you guide your dog through a sequence of obstacles with increasing expertise!


Sherry Antonishen, owner and head trainer at SmartDog Training, does competitive agility and has placed on the podium multiple times  at BC/Yukon Regionals with her dog Simon. Having said that, her classes have a friendly and fun-first approach. Most clients see a change in their relationship with their dog and return week after week, session after session, watching their dog gain confidence and grow their abilities in this remarkable sport.

Agility Videos

Intermediate Agility Class

Agility in the Park
Starters and Intermediate Agility Classes

Simon & Sherry
BC-Yukon Regionals 2013