Agility Classes

Class Descriptions

Agility FUNdamentals

Cost: $160 (tax­es in) | 6 weeks — call or E-Mail for Rolling sign ups
You and your dog will love this oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn foun­da­tion exer­cis­es for agili­ty!  We teach you how to cre­ate fun games at home that trans­fer bril­liant­ly to agili­ty equip­ment. All you need is a  cou­ple of garbage cans (or pylons), a crate and a box.  That’s how we start our com­pet­i­tive dogs too! We break it down into small bite sized fun games!  This class hap­pens in our full sized cov­ered are­na on dirt.  It is per­fect for all year train­ing as we stay dry in the win­ter and cool­er on those hot sum­mer days.

Pre­req­ui­sites: Urban Dog or equiv­a­lent train­ing. Please con­tact our office before sign­ing up if  you are com­ing from anoth­er obe­di­ence pro­gram. A pri­vate train­ing ses­sion may be required. Hav­ing your dog be com­fort­able in a crate for por­tions of this class is impor­tant and we can help you with that too!

Class­es don’t work for you? — We also offer pri­vate Agili­ty lessons with Sher­ry for $40 (half hour) Please call or E-Mail the office to book your appoint­ment today!

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Agility Starters and Intermediate and Competitive Classes

Cost: $160 (tax­es in) | 6 weeks
For dogs that have com­plet­ed FUN­da­men­tals we have high­er lev­els of learn­ing!  Watch your dog’s skills and con­fi­dence grow as they start mas­ter­ing tun­nels, jumps and take on weaves and advanced aspects of the con­tact equip­ment. Smart­Dog Are­na has the lat­est, safest equip­ment for you to play on and has great foot­ing for ide­al trac­tion for you and your dog.

To sign up online, select a class from the sched­ule below:

Sher­ry Anton­ishen, own­er and head train­er at Smart­Dog Train­ing, does com­pet­i­tive agili­ty and has placed on the podi­um mul­ti­ple times  at BC/Yukon Region­als with her dog Simon. Hav­ing said that, her class­es have a friend­ly and fun-first approach.  Dogs love solv­ing puz­zles and agili­ty offers a rich envi­ron­ment of fun prob­lem solv­ing and rewards of play­ing and work­ing with you. Most clients see a change in their rela­tion­ship with their dog and  return week after week, ses­sion after ses­sion, watch­ing their dog gain con­fi­dence and grow their abil­i­ties in this remark­able sport.


Agility Videos:

Inter­me­di­ate Agili­ty Class

Agili­ty in the Park
Starters and Inter­me­di­ate Agili­ty Class­es

Simon & Sher­ry
BC-Yukon Region­als 2013