Make your first SmartDog Training choice today

Make your first SmartDog Training choice today

Unleash the Brilliance in Your Dog

Unleash the Brilliance in Your Dog

In-Person Classes


Online Coaching

Puppy Socialization

Your dog wants to learn...

SmartDog training  offers multiple success paths for you and your dog.

As you get started, every dog training choice you make effects the ease and outcome of the next steps. Our certified trainers and certified behaviour consultant see the details easily missed by less experienced eyes. Our in-person classes are offered in our dog-centric facility: non-slip flooring, leash tie-offs, moveable visual barriers, quick off leash potty facilities, and more, all help you be successful with other dogs around. Our online coached classes create an ideal learning environment for easily distracted puppies and dogs (or for those folks that like a calmer learning environment). You never have to leave your house – hook up a computer on your deck or in your living room and it’s like we are right there with you.

Our essential puppy socialization sessions are run by our head trainer and certified behaviour consultant, Sherry Antonishen. Her experience of over 20 years of dog training and behaviour modification ensure your puppy has its best paw forward right from the start! Our in town clients will tell you how much they learn and that its well worth the short drive!

When not teaching obedience, we can be found teaching and playing agility at our beautiful indoor arena or outdoor ring.

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Is my dog a good fit for in-person group classes?

Smart Dog has been working successfully with Victoria dog owners for over 17 years . Our lead trainers are highly skilled, holding internationally accredited behaviour and training certifications. We are  also accredited by AnimalKind training through the BC-SPCA.

At SmartDog we love working with both dogs and people, using current science-based methods to help with basic and advanced training. Clients love our  proactive focus on behaviour prevention and early intervention. We can help you shape a dog who:

  • is excited to work with you,
  • can’t wait to listen to you,
  • and loves to learn new things.

When you choose Smart Dog, we’ll help you build a lifelong bond with a great family dog you can be proud of, or a sporting dog that excels and is a pleasure to work with.

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