Training + Classes

Smart­Dog Train­ing offers a full range of courses in down­town Vic­to­ria and now in North Saanich!

Smart­Dog Train­ing enhances puppy and begin­ner class cur­ricu­lum reg­u­larly and blends new con­cepts in train­ing to give you the best pos­si­ble pro­gram. Our goal: improv­ing the lives of dogs! Most dogs liv­ing in the city are direct descen­dants of work­ing dogs (yes even a lot of the wee ones) and would love to have a job, even for 10 min­utes a day. Urban liv­ing changes our require­ments for our dogs. They are doing less and less of what they were bred for: to retrieve, to herd, to hunt, to guard. This has left most dogs unem­ployed for most of the day and quite frankly under stim­u­lated and bored. Play­ing fetch is good exer­cise but agility, treiball or tricks stim­u­late their brains and feed their souls. Own­ing a dog who can get the news­pa­per off the front step isn’t so bad either.

Social skills, bound­ary set­ting and moti­va­tion are the cor­ner­stones every Smart­Dog owner can mas­ter. Learn to be the leader any dog would love to have and sign up for one of our classes today.

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