Puppy Day Camp and Dog Day School

What’s Smart­Dog Day School?

Smart­Dog Day School:

You’ve heard about dog day­care… but what about dog day school?

We are train­ers ded­i­cated to our pro­fes­sion.  We love train­ing dogs, and we know dogs love learn­ing, and we started won­der­ing — what are most dogs, espe­cially pup­pies, learn­ing all day? If you’re lucky, they might be learn­ing to wait patiently for a walk or a meal. If you’re less lucky, they might be learn­ing other dogs are more fun than you, jump­ing up on the counter gets food, chew­ing on the couch is fun, other dogs are scary, or being alone sucks.

What if dur­ing the day when you were not with them they were learn­ing to work with peo­ple, prob­lem solve, and con­trol their impulses using fun games? If they were in to school to sharpen their minds in Recall 101 or Stay 202?

What if they learned to fetch your slip­pers or jump over jumps and go through tun­nels on cue?

Learn­ing to fetch your slip­pers may sound silly, but your dog will be learn­ing to learn, which makes it eas­ier to teach other behav­iours. Want the basics? We teach those too. Classes include stay, recall, leash walk­ing and crate train­ing.  Train­ing ses­sions can be tai­lored to suit each dogs learn­ing needs as we work with each dog indi­vid­u­ally! Your dog will get sev­eral short train­ing ses­sions through­out the day! Most of our ‘stu­dents’ are cur­rently enrolled in Smart­Dog Train­ing classes with their peo­ple. If you and your dog have not pre­vi­ously been in classes or pri­vate train­ing with Smart­Dog, we will need to book some time with you as well.

Oper­at­ing hours:

8am to 6:30pm  Tues­day to Friday.

On Thurs­days, all dogs must be picked up by 5:00pm.


School Facil­i­ties

Smart Dog Train­ing has a 3,000 square foot indoor train­ing facil­ity, a 8,400 square foot indoor agility arena, and mul­ti­ple fenced areas on their 6+ acre prop­erty in North Saanich.  Dogs still get lots of daycare-style ‘recess’ play, but will also work with train­ers through the day in short ‘classes’ you chose from our cur­ricu­lum. We keep logs of our train­ing ses­sions so you can see progress both on paper and in the skill-set of your dog.

Your pup must be com­fort­able in a crate with the door closed to attend our school. Watch for upcom­ing crate sem­i­nars, or ask us how we can help your dog love their crate so they can attend!

Puppy Day Camp
( Tues­day, Wednes­day, Fri­day 1pm to 4.30 pm)

Is your puppy under 5 months of age? This is the best time to attend puppy day camp. Engag­ing all day with adult dogs can be stress­ful and tir­ing for young pup­pies. Puppy day camp keeps young dogs sep­a­rate from older dogs and focuses not on day-long recess, but on what you want pup­pies to learn. This is an inten­sive pro­gram of 4–5 hours per day.  Your puppy will learn how to set­tle in their crate or on a mat, how to engage well with peo­ple, and most impor­tantly how to prob­lem solve and become excel­lent at learn­ing.  When pup­pies become good at train­ing games at a young age, they are much more able to learn new tasks through their lives. We can get your brand new puppy, sit­ting, lying down, stay­ing, com­ing when called and lov­ing all of it.

Smart Dog School bus for puppies

Pick-up between 12.30pm and 12.45pm at our down­town location

St. Nicholas Ukrain­ian Catholic Church (Lower Level, entrance off park­ing lot)
1112 Cale­do­nia Avenue
Vic­to­ria, BC

Drop-off between  5:15pm and 5.30pm

Cost: $10

Can­cel­la­tion Pol­icy for Day School:

As our Day School spots are lim­ited, if you choose to can­cel your spot we require 24 hours notice for a full refund. There will be no refunds given if can­cel­la­tion hap­pens on the day you were booked.